Company profile

ONETHINGCAM  founded in 2017, our value is : Live For Truth. concentrated on security communication. we want to provide the best audio and video recording device to security protector like police, army, guardians, fireman, even for citizens. Developing mobile CCTV system and 4g mobile video live stream camera system, push new product used in short time. compared traditional CCTV system, we are faster, advanced, convenient.

Based on our product solutions, audio and video wireless transmission system we developed public 4G walkie taklie, no distance limitation and used Realptt system, which have server in the world. this sytem support online check GPS location every device and download all messages sent by PTT.

Besides, we are developing anti-knife soft material vest and gloves, wearing smart AI equipment , etc.

As our R&D ability improving, our product rage from common body worn  camera, walkir talkie, CCTV system to  WIFI hotspot body camera, 4g body camera, mobile radio,  4G walkie-talkie, face detecting glasses, mini face detecting DV, long range 2KM night vision recorder, 4G GPS chidren watch,etc.

Based on our hardware and software R&D, we provided NDA mobile video live stream control center, server, GPS location, group talking, files auto keep on cloud server, face detecting technologies. cooperated with many brands: HikVSION, Hytera, Wolfcom, China Mobile, JingYi, Eeyelog, China Mobile, State Grid Corporation of China, OMG solution, etc.